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30 Day Strategic Plan Template

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Waking Giants Academy

Create Your Step-by-step 90 Day Strategic Plan

Evolve And Grow Your Business At Pace Using The FREE 30 Day Strategy Template In Conjunction With The Full 90 Day Strategy Course.

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90 Day Strategic Plan Course Outline

In this 90 Day Strategic Planning Course, you'll be guided section-by-section through the 90 Day Strategy Template, helping you find areas in your business for opportunity and creating a strategy around converting these opportunities into profit. Using the 30 Day Strategic Plan you will be able to make decisions on what tasks need doing to achieve your 90 Day Plan, and who is to do each of them.

Below is an outline of the 90 Day Strategic Course modules

All modules are accessible as soon as you sign up so you can work through them at your own pace

►  Welcome to the 90 Day Course.

►  About your coach - Founder of Waking Giants, Grant Difford.

►  What the course will cover and how.

►  What drives your business? Your Purpose.

►  What is your biggest ambition? What does success look like?

►  Where do values fit in your strategy?

►  What market pain do you solve?

►  Who is your core customer?

►  What is your target market?

►  Identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

►  What is your secret sauce?

►  Where do you sit in the mind of the customer?

►  What's possible with what we know?

►  What are your strategic opportunities?

►  What to action and what to ignore?

►  Decide your strategic moves.

►  Change of status - what is the result you are looking for?

►  Who and what? Strategy needs accountability.

►  What does success look like? Your key numbers.

►  The next 90 days.

►  90 Day Strategic Plan walk-through video.

►  Where will we be in 90 days/12 months/3-5 years.

►  Making it happen - The next 30 days.

►  BONUS: 30 Day Strategic Plan & walk-through video.

►  The 'secret' of success....

►  One on one review.

But Hey, Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

See what others are saying...

Chris Thomas - Pacsoft

"Just what I was looking for"

"We've found the experience and outcomes exceeding our expectations.

Clear ‘out of the box’ strategic thinking has challenged us and led us to develop better strategies for the business and marketing approach."

Chris Thomas - CEO, Pacsoft International

Laura Mohi - Wild Pilates

"I see results..."

"I am now focused now on what I need to do to create a business that suits my lifestyle"

Laura Mohi - Owner/Founder Wild Pilates

John Gardiner - Candor3

"This is so useful!"

"The value that they add in terms of the strategy and the thinking is immeasurable - It’s not just a marketing exercise for Waking Giants, it’s the value add in the background.

They’ve added a lot of value in this business."

John Gardiner - Director, Candor3

Grant Difford - Waking Giants

Your Instructor

Founder of Waking Giants, Grant has over 10 years working with a range of businesses developing key strategies that support purposeful and action-based growth.

Coming from a creative background he is used to taking many components and creating cohesive outcomes.

The vision for Waking Giants was to enable more business owners to identify the opportunities they have in themselves and their business by working alongside them. But with the changing demands of business our passion needed to become something more. We created the Waking Giants Academy to enable ANY business owner to get access to incredibly simple and practical strategic planning tools to help them move forward.


As part of our 3 Pillar strategy, this course is focused on taking massive, focused action! Along with strong leadership and understanding of the value of building an authentic brand, the 3 Pillars give you the platform to build a purposeful and sustainable business.


Grant knows from experience that simplicity is the fastest way to success. That’s why we have broken every step down to enable you to get momentum and get into action right from the first day!

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We genuinely want to help businesses grow using our proven business strategy framework.

Because of this, we've ensured our offerings below are priced well below what we could be selling them for!

30 Day Strategy Template Workbook Only


  • 30 Day Strategy Template

  • 30 Day Walk Through Video

  • 90 Day Strategy Template

  • 90 Day Walk Through Video

  • Full 90 Day Strategy Course

    - 11 Modules

    - 26 Videos

  • Template Only

    30 Day Strategy Walk Through Video


  • 30 Day Strategy Template

  • 30 Day Walk Through Video

  • 90 Day Strategy Template

  • 90 Day Walk Through Video

  • Full 90 Day Strategy Course

    - 11 Modules

    - 26 Videos

  • + Walk Through

    30 + 90 Day Templates & Walk Throughs


  • 30 Day Strategy Template

  • 30 Day Walk Through Video

  • 90 Day Strategy Template

  • 90 Day Walk Through Video

  • Full 90 Day Strategy Course

    - 11 Modules

    - 26 Videos

  • 2 x Templates

    Full Step-by-step 90 Day Strategy Course


  • 30 Day Strategy Template

  • 30 Day Walk Through Video

  • 90 Day Strategy Template

  • 90 Day Walk Through Video

  • Full 90 Day Strategy Course

    - 11 Modules

    - 26 Videos

  • 90 Day Course

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We're so confident that you'll find value in this course that far exceeds what you've invested in it, we're prepared to give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are these tools so cheap?

    We have spent years developing the way we work. A full workshop is in excess of $5000 to facilitate the process. But our mission is to enable as many business owners as possible to get clarity on their true goals and how they get there. To meet this goal, we have to make the tools simple, accessible and valuable in their impact.

    Can I use the plan without coaching?

    Yes. We have designed them to be as easy as possible to get started. We have four levels to enable you to start where you are most comfortable.

    Does the course cover all aspects of the business?

    It can do and that’s how it is most often used. But equally if you want to focus on one element of your business the 90 days plan will thrash out the goal and the 30 day plan will help you to get it into action.

    Why does the course focus on 30 Days?

    Our goal is to help you create momentum. This is the right amount of time to see some serious progress.

    Will this course suit any sized business?

    Yes. We have used this methodology for individuals and businesses up to $50m. It works because of the simplicity of the principles we use.

    What is the most important change I will witness?

    The best feedback we have had from our clients is that it helps them change the way the think about their business and how they can approach goals previously unobtainable.

    What is different about these tools to other tools I can use?

    Nothing, there is no magic or miracle method that promised riches. But what we have done is look at what works for the majority of people to achieve their personal business goals, tested on ourselves and made it as simple as possible.

    Which one is right for me?

    If you want to see what it is all about start with the FREE or the $7 template. What’s to lose? If you think you need further help you can easily upgrade to the full coached online course with all the videos and worksheets to guide you through it.

    If you have any questions whatsoever about any of the templates, courses, or just want to get in touch to discuss what Waking Giants can offer in the way of Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning, or Brand Strategy, please send us a message by clicking on the button below. 

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